Service-Learning Community Partners

How does Service-Learning works into different modules and bring benefits to our community?
Here are some examples of projects we have worked on in past semesters as well as projects which will be implemented in the coming year. 

StreamModulePartner OrganizationBeneficiariesNeeds of the Partner OrganizationService-Learning Project Contents
BusinessMarketing ResearchCaritas Elderly Centre - Lai KokElderlyRe-arrangement of interest class for membersStudents conduct survey on members and elderly nearby, to explore their interests and views
Social ScienceIndividual and SocietyTsing Yi Trade Association Primary SchoolPrimary students of ethnic minoritiesEnhance the interest of learning Chinese for non-Chinese studentsStudents make use of Chinese picture books to spread the message that “learning Chinese is fun”
Supply Chain ManagementQuality Process Management and AnalysisGoods Co-shareLow-income individual and familiesLogistics and process strategies in selling groceries to needy at a lower priceStudents evaluate the process of goods delivery and storage. Students produce improvement suggestions on the process and design a more sustainable mode of service
Common Core-CirriculumUnderstanding Emotion: A Scientific ApproachHeart-to-Heart Life Education Foundation Ltd.The bereavedVolunteers to conduct concern visits and support to the bereavedGroups of students provide concern visits to the bereaved to show support and meanwhile have a deeper understanding and reflection towards the meaning of life
ComputingHuman Computer InteractionChinese YMCA of Hong Kong- Shatin Youth Outreaching Social Work TeamMarginalized children and youthEasier statistics reporting system for social workers to improve efficiency and accuracy in compilation of dataStudents design and develop a database system for entry, storage and compilation of essential statistical figures
English LanguageTeaching English as a Second LanguageSecondary SchoolJunior secondary students from underprivileged familiesProvide extra resources for students with limited talent in English but lack resources and ability to afford private tutorial classesStudents teach underprivileged students practical English skills in enhancing the listening, reading, speaking and writing
BusinessConsumer BehaviourCaritas Elderly Centre - Lai KokElderlyExplore potential service needs of carers of fragile elderlyStudents conduct in-depth interviews with carers of elderly and explore their views on current service’s satisfaction and preferences of service