Service-learning projects are “merged” into the original coursework of the module such that student assessment is involved.

As such, it is not merely engaging in volunteer work. It involves the students’ vigrous participation in conducting service and applying their professional knowledge learnt from lessons to address and solve actual problem/need faced by community/organization.


A minimum of 24 hours in total of “service-learning experience” per module is set as the framework for modules to implement the service-learning project as a module component.
The 24 hours of “service-learning experience” refers to a combined range of activities which includes for example:
Preparations, discussions, trainings, direct and indirect services, assignments of all format, 
production of project material and output products, presentations, evaluations, reflection processes etc.

Time frame

As service-learning is integrated in the modules, the projects often occured between September to Decemeber (semester 1) or Janurary to April (semester 2)

Standard Service-Learning Framework

    • Pre-project questionnaire
    • Orientation
    • Training
    • Direct Service for community partner
    • Proposal
    • Implementation of service-learning project
    • Presentation
    • Reflection short essay
    • Post-project questionnaire
    • Celebration event