Role and Responsibility of Community Partner

Before the semester....

    • Let us know the needs of your organization
    • Have discussion meetings with service-learning staff to work out the collaboration details
    • Meet with the module instructor once to twice to discuss project details 
    • Schedule dates and arrange venues for training, service, and project commencement

During the semester...

(A) Provide training to students

    • Brief introduction of services and processes of your organization
    • Train students with basic skills training for voluntary work
    • Site visit to your organization or service target venue (if feasible)
    • Arrange at least one direct service experience to let students have a first-hand experience of your organisation and to know the service targets

(B) Observe the students’ performance

    • Keep in touch with the service-learning staff and module instructors during the process
    • Ensure students’ safety during training and the project practicum
    • Observe students’ performance and report to our staff and/or module instructors

After the semester.....

    • Attend a evaluation meeting with our staff and module instructor
    • Provide a brief sharing of your experience of the collaboration
    • Acknowledge students with good performance