Service-Learning Awards Ceremony 2021/22

The Service-Learning Awards Ceremony was held on 15th June 2022 to commemorate the fruits of credit-bearing service-learning projects in AY2021/22 and recognize the hard work of students and teachers. Despite pandemic restrictions. We were pleased to have more than 25 participants present at the ceremony. Certificates of Appreciation were presented by Prof. YV Hui, to six service-learning module instructors, in appreciation of their self-sacrificing effort in the projects. Eight student groups with outstanding project performance were nominated and selected to receive the ‘Service-Learning Excellence Award” at this event, with certificates and cash prizes presented by Dr. Ben Cheng, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning.


Dr. Roy Ying and his two students also shared on stage about their experience in the project with the Environment Campaign Committee, where students produced a marketing plan for reducing packing waste for the sake of environmental sustainability. Students expressed that their awareness for waste production and reuse has been raised through this project and that it had been a challenge to participate in the marketing proposal competition via this service-learning project.  

Dr. Victor Chan, Associate Director (Service-Learning) of Centre for Teaching and Learning, reported about projects done in 2021/22 and statistics of the Service-Learning Experience Survey.  

  Module Instructors of Service-Learning Modules received certificates of appreciation from Prof. YV Hui.


Student groups received their Service-Learning Excellence Award 21/22. 

Mr. Roy Ying, instructor of BUS3008 Global Marketing, along with her students Nataly and Carson, shared about their S-L project experience. 

Dr. Ben Cheng and Prof Hui gave encouraging ending remarks for the ceremony.