An Eye-Opening Journey into Art and Culture: Service-Learning Students’ Transformative Experience

The ENG3040 Service-Learning project, a collaborative effort between the Service-Learning Section of the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Department of English, successfully provided students with valuable opportunities to immerse themselves in the world of art and culture.


During the seminar, the students enrolled in ENG3040 individually crafted proposals focusing on various topics within the realm of art and culture. We were fortunate to attend a sharing session where insightful ideas were exchanged, particularly in relation to traditional culture, specifically the Khon dance. Pichet, an expert in this traditional dance, generously shared his knowledge and research, enriching our students’ understanding and providing them with valuable resources for their own projects.

Performance day

As part of the project, students had the privilege of attending the captivating No. 60 FLOW – Khon Dance performance. This mesmerizing showcase provided the audience with a comprehensive exploration of the rich research surrounding Khon dance, accentuating its aesthetic qualities and envisioning its future potential. Pichet’s masterful execution brilliantly captured the essence of Khon, infusing the performance with profound cultural significance and revitalizing this ancient art form. Through this experience, our eyes were truly opened, allowing us to gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty and allure of traditional culture.

Student Sharing

I am thrilled about what we witnessed today. It was truly amazing and a visual delight. Despite not having a strong sense of art, I could still feel the power of the artistry. The interplay of light and shadow, sound, and movement left a profound impact on me. It made me realize that life is a continuous journey, inspiring me to keep moving forward.

I would greatly appreciate more opportunities like this in the future. I eagerly await the next splendid experience.“

Miss Yang Huaying, Bella